Get Season 6 BATTLE PASS FREE + 100 Tiers Unlocking

How to Get Season 6 Battle Pass Free in Fortnite

Hi guys! Today I want to show this brand new method how to get season 6 battle pass for free in Fortnite. This is not clickbait, as you can see in the video I have actually received that Fortnite season 6 battle pass for free. I have found this method on reddit but author of that post have removed it in a couple of minutes. Watch the video tutorial to get Season 6 Battle Pass Free in Fortnite. | Press “CLICK HERE TO WATCH

To get Season 6 Battle Pass for free, you need to have v-bucks in your account. So to get the free v bucks click the button below “I WANT FREE V-BUCKS

Fortnite Free v bucks Season 6

A lot of my friends have received free season 6 battle pass and they confirmed that this method works on all platforms. PS4, XBOX, Mobile, PC, Switch. You can learn how to get season 6 battle pass for free on all of those platforms.

New Features in Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Free

THE FORTNITE Season 6 battle pass can be snapped up right now for 950 V-Bucks. This time includes something that could prove very popular with fans but you don’t need to buy it anymore. One of the big new features is Battle Buddies, a new item that was leaked before the launch of the new season 6 battle pass. There looks to be a total of three music packs that can be unlocked via free season 6 battle pass, each bringing its own remix. When you purchase the Battle Pass you’ll instantly get two exclusive outfits, Calamity and DJ Yonder and you can see in my video that I have received all of them, thanks to free season 6 battle pass.

About Theme in Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass Free

Just in time for the Halloween season, publisher Epic Games introduced a spooky theme called Darkness Rises. So, adding fresh skins and other perks including pets and a new item that can turn players invisible. As with each season of “Fortnite,” users can add a fresh season 6 Battle Pass Free, a one-time purchase players make to add even more cosmetic items such as skins, including one outfit where players can turn into a werewolf. The Pass costs roughly $10 but now you know how to get season 6 battle pass free in Fortnite.

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